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Operation Payback Spokesman Leaves Name in PR Meta Data

December 11, 2010 Added by:Headlines

The rogue hacker group Anonymous, which has been making headlines for their repeated DDoS attacks dubbed Operation Payback, issued a press release. The most interesting piece of information int the release, though, was the name of the text's author, which was present in the PDF's meta data...

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Bank Site Hit With DDoS Attack for Freezing WikiLinks Account

December 07, 2010 Added by:Headlines

Operation Payback, the rogue hacker network fighting stricter copyright laws, has launched a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) against the Swiss bank PostFinance. The attacks are in retaliation for the bank having frozen the main defense fund account for WikiLeaks' Julian Assange...

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Hackers Threaten WikiLeaks Detractors - Bank Suspends Account

December 06, 2010 Added by:Headlines

While some service providers are thinking that it was a mistake to do business with the rogue whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks, they may also want to think twice before cutting ties. International hacker communities are threatening to target business that take actions to stifle the data dumps...

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Operation Payback Launched DoS on PayPal Blog

December 05, 2010 Added by:Headlines

The international coalition of hackers know as Anonymous stated their intention to engage in DoS attacks against the blog of online interchange service PayPal. PayPal had announced it was suspending the fund-raising account of WikiLeaks for violation of the Acceptable Use Policy..

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