Beyond Due Diligence

Thursday, October 21, 2010

If your organization approaches due diligence as a measure of the minimum effort and expense required to satisfy conventional norms, your organization is woefully unprepared to navigate the complicated legal and security-related pitfalls of a rapidly changing electronic business landscape.

Quality due diligence is a systemic approach at every level of business activity for the sole purpose of mitigating overall enterprise risk, and should be the guiding principle in every endeavor.

Beyond Due Diligence is a reference and awareness guide for professional services providers, private equity investors, commercial lenders, industry senior management and Business Owners.

GTI Advisors has assembled a concise overview of the application of due diligence principles across the most dynamic characteristics of the modern business environment, including critical outsourcing precautions, corporate espionage vulnerabilities, staffing key positions, secure mobility practices, qualifying third-party vendors, information security issues like the emergence of “cloud” based managed services, and much more.

image"The purpose of this reference guide is to assist private equity investors, start-up companies seeking investors, officers of established and growing companies, multi-sector senior management and professional services advisors to formulate planning strategies that will help mitigate risk, meet compliance, and better recognize potential threats.

Several key areas of awareness will be discussed, and source references have been provided for further research into specific areas of interest." -Greg George - GTI Advisors

As Managing Partner of GTI Advisors, Greg has directed intelligence, security management and counter-terrorism operations while assigned to the National Security Agency and other departments within government services at the command level; including White House operations, the Defense Intelligence Agency and State Department serving under four Administrations.

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Chris Blask Good paper. Certainly from a Risk Analysis standpoint it is no less than good guidance.

I would differ, though, on the phrase "for the sole purpose of mitigating overall enterprise risk". While Due Diligence does in fact mitigate overall enterprise risk, it also as importantly lays the foundation for greater productivity and effectiveness, and therefore competitiveness and profitability.

Diligence - at all levels of an organization - focuses folks on the matter at hand. More clear-eyed than zealousness, more broadly focused than individual gain.