System State Intelligence Puts Security in Your Control

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It’s a certainty that your technology systems will be attacked.

Given that certainty, how can your security team prevent most of them from succeeding, quickly detect when they do, respond appropriately, and avoid investigating false positives?

The answer is in System State Intelligence—a non-stop approach to security that lets you see threatening activity as it occurs and gives you the details you need to do something about it.

Most security teams try to protect their technology infrastructure and data by catching the bad guys in the act. They sift through billions of lines of network and log data each day looking for atypical behavior and attack signatures.

They also try to protect a perimeter that no longer exists...

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To learn more about security intelligence that immediately shows you when you have a security problem, what caused it and what to do about it, download the full whitepaper here:

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