Secure Communications for CERTs and Stakeholders

Thursday, December 29, 2011

This deliverable aims to give an overview of the work that was done in WPK 1.3 of ENISA’s Work Programme1 2011.

The goal of this work was to identify ways to improve communication with the CERTs and other stakeholders (institutions in the Member States, European Commission, etc.), especially when it comes to sharing information in a secure way.

Secure in this respect means transportation of information and assuring some combination of confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the data. ENISA wanted to identify the most suitable security technology and the channel to start with and to analyze a future secure communications platform, providing additional secure communication channels.

Both a stocktaking of existing solutions, developments and research in that area and an analysis of the requirements were performed in order to offer guidance on a suitable channel in this respect.

The stocktaking and the analysis have been used as inputs to preselect the technologies, solutions and products which are suitable, and to define the assessment criteria to select the suitable channels and security technologies.

The assessment criteria applied to the evaluation has been grouped into four categories:

  • Criteria regarding the suitable communication channel.
  • Criteria regarding the security requirements.
  • Criteria regarding CERT and stakeholders requirements.
  • Criteria regarding CERT and stakeholders preferences.

Download the full ENISA report here:

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