Amazon Boots WikiLeaks After Relentless Attacks

Wednesday, December 01, 2010



The Associated Press is reporting that Amazon has ceased hosting the beleaguered WikiLeaks after relentless denial of service (DoS) attacks against the whistleblower website.


The website of WikiLeaks, the organization that just released a trove of sensitive U.S. State Department documents, appears to have lost or left its main Web host,

The main website and a sub-site devoted to the diplomatic documents were unavailable from the U.S. and Europe on Wednesday, as Amazon servers refused to acknowledge requests for data.

Availability of the sites has been spotty since Sunday, when it started to come under a series of Internet-based attacks by unknown hackers. WikiLeaks dealt with the attacks in part by moving to servers run by Amazon Web Services, which is self-service. Inc. would not comment on its relationship with WikiLeaks or whether it forced the site to leave. Messages seeking comment from WikiLeaks were not immediately returned.

WikiLeaks had previously been driven from their original host after DoS attacks took the site offline on Sunday, which were purported to be instigated by anti-jihadi hacker known as The Jester (th3j35t3r) utilizing his XerXeS DoS tool.

A second wave of attacks started Tuesday morning which appeared to be distributed in nature, and probably not connected to Sundays attack.

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange made clear his intentions to release damning documentation of improprieties by at least one major US bank. Also pending release are documents from pharmaceutical companies, financial firms and energy companies.

There may be an economic reason for today's decision, as the upcoming document dump might include unflattering records from some of Amazon's biggest advertising clients.

Rumors that law enforcement conducted a raid against The Jester have been making the rounds on the web, but most sources agree that the reports are false and likely part of a hoax or social engineering scam.

Several interviews with The Jester, along with two videos he made for Infosec Island that demonstrate the XerXeS Dos attack in action, can all be found HERE.

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