Detecting Trojans and Worms with Network Analyzer

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ray Tan


As network security professionals, we definitely understand the importance of antivirus software, as it is always the first choice for most enterprises and home users.

But it disappoints me that although antivirus has adapted to cloud computing, it still works on signature detection method.

Now we come to the end of antivirus software age, as there are several reasons that we can not rely on it any more.

  • The number of new signatures released yearly exceeds a million, this makes the antivirus less reliable. We have detected virus with valid signature, and we found out that some company released their product within suspicious code.
  • We are facing threats more than virus, such as malware, trojan, worms and distributed denial-of-service attack, antivirus can do nothing or very limited on them.
  • There are more and more attacks targeted at antivirus software itself, this may lead to data breach and other potential loss without the awareness of user.
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Ray Tan Thank you for your sharing.
Ray Tan I have posted the full article on my blog:

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Karen Kast This is taken from a section of our company newsletter:

While heuristic, reputation and relationship technologies
continue to improve (and are an important tool in the fight
against malware) signature based systems continue to be the
primary technology used in malware protection.
Ray Tan I have viewed your website, but I did not find the newsletter you have mentioned.
As I have stated, anti-virus still works for known virus if you update it everyday, however, it fail to detect the unknown ones, it can not detect the attacks from hacker.
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