Infosec Island Celebrates 2000 Members and More!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Infosec Island Admin


2000 Registered Members!

Since our launch on Sept 1st, 2009, Infosec Island has had an interesting year. From our acquisition of (ISR) in January 2010, to our new tools and extra sections, we are excited for the coming year.

We are really proud to announce that we have logged our 2,000th registered member today, on the eve of our 1-year anniversary.

Thanks to all of our members and contributors for making Infosec Island the fastest growing, most relevant portal for IT and Information Security-related news and resources.

Register for August 31st Drawing

Infosec Island professionals who have completed their member profiles prior to midnight EST on August 31, 2010 - including uploading a picture or company logo - will have the opportunity to win a seat at an exclusive and highly comprehensive cyber security training course being offered by Global Knowledge.

The Cyber Security Foundations course covers all current and emerging security issues including ethical hacking, forensics, intrusion detection, and policy/procedure, and attendees will leave class armed with the tools to develop an interconnected security solution.

In this hands-on cyber security course, attendees will gain a global perspective of the challenges of designing a secure system, touching on all the cyber roles needed to provide a cohesive security solution.

To qualify to win the Cyber Security Foundations course, simply register as a member at Infosec Island and complete the brief professional profile, and be sure to upload a picture or company logo. All members with completed profiles by August 31, 2010 are automatically entered to win this cutting-edge course valued at US$3295.00!

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