Geo Location Based DDOS Targets Mobile Operators

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bozidar Spirovski


The sharp rise of smart mobile phones is introducing a new and concerning attack vector - a geo-location based DDOS.

Example Scenario

Imagine a popular mobile application (befrakeled like game) that is downloaded by many.

  1. The app contains a small amount of code to reference the phone's GPS and also check in with a command and control website.
  2. The attacker decides on a city to target and a popular time of day and then updates the command and control website.
  3. The mobie applications all check in with the C&C site and all mobile applications in the city area begin downloading large video files from YouTube.


  1. image


  • A massive sudden spike in high bandwidth usage of the mobile data network in a single metropolitan area.
  • Most cellular networks run near capacity during the lunch rushes of popular cities. A sudden massive spike such as this would likely push the network over the edge and bring it down entirely.

This is a tough issue to address and I think it warrants a bit of consideration.

This is a ShortInfosec guest post by Michael Coates, a senior application security consultant with extensive experience in application security, security code review and penetration assessments. He has conducted numerous security assessments for financial, enterprise and cellular customers world-wide. The original text is published on ...Application Security...

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