Gangs Are Targeting Your Kids Via the Internet

Monday, April 05, 2010

Theresa Payton


Word for the Week:  Cyber Banging

Also called Net Banging - This refers to the internet recruiting process that gangs use to target kids.  

Gangs typically target high school and middle school kids but there are cases where kids as young as 8 have been recruited.

1.6 Million, that’s the number of employees, across the globe that support Walmart.

1 Million and growing, that’s the number of gang members in the United States.

Are your kids looking at gang propaganda online?  Chances are you would not know, a recent study says that 62% of kids lie to their parents about what they do online.

As a parent, you protect your kids by teaching them safety rules, checking on their friends, and keeping tabs on their activities.  

Gangs know this to so they have a new recruiting tool to get around you and directly to your kids – the internet.

Link to WBTV segment:  Gangs Targeting Your Kids Via The Internet

One example of how glorified gang life is can be seen on  Lil Slim’s “Getting $” music video, which glorifies gang activities, has over 30,000 views.

Think you know how Gangs target their new recruits?
Test your knowledge with this quick quiz:

1) Q:  What are the colors worn by the MS-13 gang?


A:  Blue and White

2) Q:  Gang Identifiers Include which of the following:

a) Wearing a specific color or colors regularly
b) 5-Pointed Star
c) Star of David
d) Playboy bunny
e) None of the Above
f) All of the above


A:  All of the above

3) True or False:  If you see someone wearing Charlotte Hornets gear they might be a member of a gang.

True.  Don’t jump to conclusions that everyone that wears Charlotte Hornets gear is a gang member but this logo is popular with the Spanish Cobras and the 4 Corner Hustlers.

4) True or False:  If you see a cap that looks like a NY Yankee’s cap but the tail of the Y is off so it looks like VN instead of NY, that’s just a kid having fun.

Most likely False.  This is what the LA gang called Van Nuys is doing to mark their members.  You can see this NY Yankee-like symbol touted on Facebook and YouTube.  You may seen this worn by a gang member or a wannabe.

5) True or False:  Your kid would not go to gang music sites to download songs.

Could be True or False.  You should check.  Kids are downloading gang songs from places such as 818 Gangland Musik Page for free.


The Bait:  Social networking via the internet is the new recruiting tool for MS-13 and other gangs and they ARE targeting your kids.

The Hook:  Young people that are surfing online may come across pictures, music, or videos about gangs.  

Of course kids are curious so they click and see something that glorifies gang life…That’s when a gang member may strike up a chat with them online and try to lure them into their club.


Think this is an overplayed issue?  Here are some startling statistics from a recent survey:

-70% of gang members say it is easier to make friends online
-89% of kids say they are the major user of technology at their house
-41% of kids say they do not share with their parents what they are doing on the internet


TALK:  Talk with your child about the places they visit while online.  Look at some of the gang propaganda together and talk about why it is false or glorified.

TEACH:  Keep your home PC in a central location so you can keep an eye on what they search.  Teach your kids that where they go online is just as important as the rules you have for them offline.

TELL:  Be familiar with what your local gangs wear, such as certain colors, frakelry, or logos, to show they are a member.  Tell your kids not to dress like gang wannabes so they will not be targeted while at school or play.


APPEARANCE:  Your kid’s clothing preferences change dramatically.  Your kid suddenly insists on wearing a specific color or a logo.  A new tattoo, permanent or henna.  Unexplained injuries.  Begins using gang slang.

SOCIAL:  Starts withdrawing from school, family, and possibly even their friends.  Talks about gang life in an idolized way.
INTERESTS:  Gang music or gang insignias on their phones and music lists.  Likes to watch gang related movies.


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Terry Perkins Theresa, this article is very enlightening. I had no idea this was going on. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of folks.
Theresa Payton Terry, many thanks for your comment. I am glad this was helpful. Please tell others.
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