The Female Social Lever

Friday, November 16, 2012

Will Tarkington


In my ongoing expose on Social Engineering techniques I bring to you one of my favorites something I call, “The Female Social Lever.” A technique I developed that takes advantage of social geometry and complex female group hierarchy.

To recap for new readers Social Geometry is the natural or intuitive way that social groups will compose themselves given a specific setting. An example would be free seating at a cafeteria wherein natural groups will claim space relative to the size of the environment.

For this specific example we are going to use a party because it is where I developed and mastered this particular technique.

However before we get into the social geometry I want to discuss the group hierarchy I’m taking advantage of here. I use women in this example because that is the target group I first learned to do this with. I am in no way saying that you couldn’t use a male for this technique simply that I don’t.

In particular what I am taking advantage of here is the statistical probability of someone being shy at a party. We have all gone to the party and seen groups of people with the one or so odd person with that cup in their hand watching everyone else. These are the people we will target and that will ultimately get us where we want to go.

Shy people are simply people who are intimidated by complex or large quantity of social interactions. They may in some cases even be threatened by interpersonal or intimate connections. So it is important to go in with the right mind set. For all the guys out there reading this who wondered why hitting on the shy girl didn’t work it’s because you were hitting on the shy girl. I can’t stress this enough your only thought should be of getting to know the target. People are very sensitive and shy people even more so. Therefore you have to be as un-intrusive as you can be or you will fail.

I don’t want to spend too much time going over the target basics but you want to find someone who isn’t depressed and is at the party looking for stimulation (notice I didn’t say sex, kissing, making out, validating your low self-esteem, ego stroke, etc). They are in essence looking for someone to interact with that won’t overwhelm them and make them want to run away. If you can do this they will literally talk your ear off.

Now the group hierarchy comes into play. Shy people generally do not show up to complex social engagements without someone to encourage them. What this means is that eventually someone is going to come check on our shy friend to ensure they are ok and having fun. This is the point where the lever comes in.

A shy person does not trust easily and a social creature that has enough empathy to encourage that person to go out will look favorably on anyone that assists them. Thus you are levered into an established group with a favorable attitude. You get much less scrutiny by the absorbing social group because the shy persons typically so protective you couldn’t be bad.

There are two possible outcomes to this lever once you have the mechanism in motion.

1)      The group re-centers around you and the shy person

2)      The group maintains separation during the party

If the group doesn’t come over to see the new person who has their friend talking you will need to either wait or force a venue change. There are several reasons for this but the majority will be that the pressure of complex social interaction won’t allow you to move the shy person to the group center. They will resist and if they resist you no longer have a valid reason for associating to the group.

Venue changes will automatically force the social geometry to change and when it does it will likely accommodate you naturally.

In my next blog post I’ll discuss the complexities of social geometry on this example. For now however remember that shy people are a great gateway into a social setting without raising suspicion or tripping the dreaded trying to hard flag.


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