Four Days and Counting for (ISC)2 BoD Petitioners

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Le Grecs


With less than four days left it's getting crunch time for the infosec community's petitioners to get over that magic 500 signature mark so that they can appear on the upcoming (ISC)2 Board of Directors (BoD) ballet.

First things first... if you are interested in change at the (ISC)2 and reconnecting this organization to the professionals that live it, please head over to our petition tracking page and submit your electronic "signatures" to endorse as many of "The Four Horseman" (@gattaca, @krypt3ia, @jadedsecurity, @indi303) as you feel appropriate.

Note that in the petitioning phase there is no limit on the number of candidates you can endorse.

"Signing" simply involves emailing each candidate a pledge for your support from the address you have registered with ISC2.

The message also needs to contain your full name and (ISC)2 registration number.

Our petition page includes information and links for each of "The Four Horseman" candidates as well as other articles so you can research each candidate yourself to understand their platforms.

Now on to the dirt... Many of the board members, either on the current board or those coming back after "sitting out a year" due to term limits, have been intertwined with (ISC)2 since its inception decades ago. You'll often hear this "sitting out a year" phrase a lot in the history of the (ISC)2.

Specifically, the bylaws state that BoD terms are 3 years and that "No member may be elected to the Board more than twice in any seven year period." Basically, for some of the perennial (ISC)2 board members it's more about them being on the board versus the good of the organization.

The same "good 'ol boys/girls" keep returning time and time again. When their term limits are up, they "sit out a year" and then the next board happily nominates them as one of the designated BoD-recommended candidates to appear on the ballet the following year.

Keeping the same old guard on the board will simply result in a certification that continues to be disconnected from the day-to-day practical aspects of today's security professionals.

The first step to reconnect the (ISC)2 board with the practical aspects of today's infosec pro is to get more community representation into this fall's election cycle... and each of potential candidates requires 500 signatures to appear on the ballet.

As mentioned before ... you can endorse as many candidates as you want at this stage however when election time comes you can only vote for four people. That's perfect considering the emergence of "The Four Horseman."

Let's bring in some new blood and make the CISSP mean something again! Today's post pic is from See ya!

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