Has Patriot Hacker The Jester (th3j35t3r) Been Doxed?

Monday, May 14, 2012



UPDATE: The Jester is back online and posted an article:  Not Totally Sure What Just Happened...

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The content on a website maintained by anit-jihadi hacker The Jester (th3j35t3r) has been deleted and the hacktivist's Twitter account has been mysteriously taken down, and the events have sent the Twittersphere into a frenzy of conjecture.

The story begins in earnest when a Twitter account was established on May 10th identified as "cubespherical" and using the handle "Smedley Manning".

The owner of the account began a dialogue with The Jester and alluded to having knowledge of the hacktivist's identity, claiming to have encountered him a decade ago and apparently having had a physical altercation at a bar near FT. Benning, tweeting:

"@th3j35t3r 10 words for you. Dallas Cowboys. Scruffy Murphys GA, Shiner, Ft Benning, 2003. You. - Want to talk to me yet? Why so quiet?"

"Manning" claims The Jester is a former member of the Army Ranger's 75th Regiment.

Subsequent tweets from "Smedley Manning" purport to show a picture of a truck "Manning" claims to belong to The Jester that was said to have been pulled from an old Facebook profile, and screen shots of private messages exchanged between the two were also posted.

The private messages apparently contained a name "Manning" claims is that of The Jester's, but that part of the image in the screenshot was redacted, though it appears to be twenty-four characters in length.

"Manning" then began soliciting Bitcoin donations in support of WikiLeaks, tweeting "I will donate a percentage equating to more than half to  - think of it as compensation for when he attacked them", and announced he will posting information on The Jester, stating "I can assure you I will disclose what I have on him."

Meanwhile, The Jester had been uncharacteristically quiet in the face of the blatant trolling by "Manning".

Update/Correction: (Hat tip to @Sanguinarious) The Pastebin post with quotes ostensibly from The Jester appear to be taken from a Jester tweet from May 12th:

Saladin – Full Disclosure…. Leonidis not so much.

von th3j35t3r
‘The worst enemy a person can aquire, is the enemy he once considered a friend.’ – Me – 2012

additionally….. and in complete back to back contradiction as we all  know… I never double dip my quotes.

‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ – Unknown.

So the usual suspects… the boys at reapersec (lowercase intentional) are co-ordinating and finding themselves allies. Its funny because  I was informed of an organized attempt to discredit me that would require a prescribed reaction from me over 18 hours ago. (Scot  and crew).

I will be speaking up once again right here in reference to the direct challenge issued. Make no mistake  it’s not their first attempt. But when I tell you who they are, and you check out their MO and the sad troll-festers that RT then, you might begin to understand.

For now, I was hoping for a day of peace…. ya know – so that is what I am pursuing.
Upcoming and right here on this URL, they forced my hand, so let me tell you all about #saladin.

To be continued…….. within 24 hours…. meantime, I am gonna have that downtime I talked about.


Attempts by Infosec Island editors to reach The Jester directly for comment have been unsuccessful. We are monitoring the events and will provide further details when they become available.

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Jon Long InfoSec Island is the best. There's nothing like real-time news. Very interesting indeed. I wonder what the outcome will be? To quote @JonDoh4..."I think I'm going to pop some popcorn now."
Asherah Wordvirus There's a lot of weird stuff going on, but dox isn't one of them.

The truck is from a photoset belonging to an auto dealer- no reason for anyone to have that pic on facebook.

Second, the Smedley account was solidly pro jester until now. The pro tweets were deleted, but are preserved: http://topsy.com/twitter/cubespherical?nohidden=1&offset=20&om=aa&page=3

Given the timing, it reeks.
Don Jackson hmmm... as a former member of the 75th Ranger Regiment, specifically the 2nd Battalion, my knee jerk reaction to this and every other article about "The Jester" (as well as those to come is SWTF? People on this site must really have wet panties for this guy because there always seems to be some article like this at least once per week.

If Jester wants to run around in disguise doing "super deeds", let him, just give the rest of us a break... doxed, I hope he gets clocxd, then maybe he'll go away...
Jon Long Don, you're an "angry elf" aren't you?
Don Jackson "Angry Elf"... hardly, but thanks for making it clear who has the wet panties.
Jon Long Oops, sorry I think I may have offended you. I was just kidding. Thank you for your service.
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