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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ʞɔopuooq ʇuıɐs


‘A negative judgment gives you more satisfaction than praise, provided it smacks of jealousy.’  – Jean Baudrillard

This was not the original post in the queue I was gonna post – that can wait. Let’s talk about butthurt, and grudges.

You see about 2 and a half years ago when I was starting out on my jihad website smackdown campaign, I used to have to search myself for all my targets. On the 12th January 2010 (12 days into my ‘operation’) – I happened upon a BadBlue server hosting lots of RDX/PETN explosives training videos produced by suspicious looking fellas in shemags and brandishing AK’s.

This server was located inside the US and it’s contents had been crawled by Google, therefore indexed, and showed up in Google search results for anyone wanting to know how to build an IED or whatever.

Here’s where they were (box has since been removed thankfully):

So I decided to hit the server with XerXeS – and successfully took it offline for a period. You can see the actual original tweet from over 2 years ago still there in my timeline right here:!/th3j35t3r/statuses/7680972813

This annoyed the owner who, back then, went by the name on twitter of @crabbyolbastard but has since reinvented himself as @krypt3ia – yes folks – Scot Terban no less!

Mr Terban kindly informed me that these deplorable videos were there ‘for educational purposes‘ – hmmm, okay….. so I pointed out that if I could find them so could potential bad guys and asked him if he was part of the solution or part of the problem? I then apologized for my hit and ceased attacking him.

You can see my original apology right here, and Mr Terban’s first official and public rant against me. He’s awfully aggressive. (I think he likes to shout a lot… distracts folks from his other inadequacies I would think.)

But that wasn’t enough for Mr Terban, this guy was totally butthurt.

Ever since then Mr Terban has held a personal grudge against me and taken it upon himself to write derogatory article after derogatory article on his blog and cross-post them to – This is the first time in over 2 years I have even mentioned Mr Terban in this way, but thought as many people are starting to think Mr Terban is looking a little silly now with all his rantings it is only right and proper of me to explain why he is so bent on trying to decry everything I do.

So there you have it. I just thought folks should know why Mr Terban spends a lot of his time publicly berating me.

Now…… Mr Terban, bearing my next statement in mind, what did you do today?

Here’s just a few of the scores of Jihadist sites that are no longer on the internet because of my constant strikes against them, and you can check my twitter timeline to see historically exactly when they were hit.…………..

…………. and last but not least your very own :

I will ask you again Scot – What did you do today? Are you part of a solution, part of the problem, or do you think that highly of yourself that you really believe people want to listen to your shallow baseless rantings all fraking day?

From what I can see, it seems you got nothing to say and you’re saying it too loud. Did you think you could raise your profile by picking a fight with me or something? Let it go man. You are starting to look silly and bordering on troll.

Dedicated to Scot Terban -  always a critic never an artist.

Consider yourself dismissed, now, get off my lawn.



UPDATE – I would like to state that although everything above is factually true, I am in no way inferring that Mr Terban is in any way supportive of Jihad, quite the opposite. I have been ignoring his rants for a long time and felt that now was a good time to address him, as he has addressed me repeatedly. I hope now that we can move on.

Cross-posted from th3j35t3r

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Chuckling ABit "I don't envy you, mr jester, for having to deal with his incessant blathering. How many times does he need to mention how useless the activity of all the patriot hackers are? After all, you are all lying about your accomplishments anyways, right? If so, why is he so concerned?

If what you guys do is either made up or ineffective, then I can't imagine it's having a terrible effect on LE and CT ops.

Scot, you can't have it both ways: either the acts are so ineffective and so insignificant that they don't matter to CT either, OR they are are significant enough to effect change and so might compromise significant ops. Now, Scot, you could admit to the latter, and still argue on other grounds that the ops aren't worthwhile. But you should stop claiming that they are useless/fake AND terribly detrimental to "real" counterterrorism ops.

jester, I think that, having read your original post and having seen the backstory, in addition to having watched Scot's behavior over the last few weeks, this entire issue comes down to one word he used and one word only: "gloryHOG"

He's annoyed that you're "stealing anti-jihad press glory" (haha) that could have belonged to him.

Poor Scot "Glory-starved" Terban." (Admin: pls delete the original, it's unbearable. I guess I shouldn't type while talking to my g/f from now on ;-))
Michael Johnson Perhaps Terban's main contention is Jester risks becoming a thorn in the side of those trying to gather intelligence on the Jihad nutters, and more importantly, guys with a proper strategy for dealing with whoever's behind the forums/sites.

Do you have a strategy, Jester? Or are you going to play whack-a-mole indefinitely? Don't lower yourself to the script kiddy level. You're smarter than that.
Chuckling ABit First of all, how much credibility does this guy have at this point, when he is saying things like this:

“Nowadays, he has bracelets to sell (ostensibly for the wounded warrior project) and a brand name to keep up with his tweets of takedowns.” (here:

Disgusting, you can see how I feel about that within the comments.

He also uncritically accepts any claims that would undermine Jester's credibility, yet refuses to accept even evidenced claims by Jester. He changes his mind regarding which attacks are impressive and which attacks matter, seemingly based on how annoyed with Jester he is at that moment.

Secondly, it's like I said to Scot weeks ago. "Finally, I can’t help but raise an eyebrow to your reasoning that seems to be: if an op doesn’t end in 100% success and complete victory it is more or less useless." and "From the perspective of someone who watches young, interested folk drool over the 'super-leet' exploits of Anonymous and Lulzsec, I think 'his work' would be valuable even *if* it was in part a [multi-person] psyop, provided they don’t [claim] anything provably false." (here: )

There are many different (potentially related) objectives the pursuit of which would justify Jester's actions. He could be trying to inspire patriotism in our country among general folks. He could be giving young adults and teenagers an alternative hacker to root for. He could be trying to corral jihadists into certain online spaces. He could be diverting their resources from whatever jihadist forum admin usually do to cleaning up after his attacks. He could be baiting their online cyber-warfare supporters to focus on him instead of other important targets. I could go on and on.

Furthermore, I am sick and tired of seeing this nonsensical "script kiddie" accusation. Why don't you (and Scot) define it for all of us. From the attacks Jester has published, it is absolutely obvious that he doesn't fall into the category most would define as "script kiddie." So please enlighten us. Or stop making that claim. Pick one.
Michael Johnson Well, I call a spade a spade, but am pretty sparing with the 'script kiddy' accusation these days, given the number of high-profile firms getting spectacularly owned, and even if those were through automated exploits. But that's another matter.

Maybe there are other definitions for 'hacktivists' who's hobby amounts to running denial of service scripts, but I can't really think of any.
Chuckling ABit You're either not calling a spade a spade, or you're not informed.

Let me help out. A "script kiddy", according to wikipedia:

"is a derogatory term used to describe those who use scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks and deface websites"

Perhaps you're not be up to date on his claimed exploits. You might want to read his blog prior to making accusations. I don't have time to iterate through all of his attacks in detail, but he has developed his own toolset to attack his targets. This ranges from *writing* scripts and other software to help manage his attacks, to updating and modifying known exploits to work with updated software, to embedding attack code in his enemies toolsets, to writing code to extract targeted data from an enemy, etc. He is not only "using scripts or programs developed by others to attack computers." Ergo, he's not a script kiddie.

This has become so frustrating. "You're a script kiddie" has replaced "I don't much like you." It's ok if you don't like him or his methods, but let's not pervert our language.
Michael Johnson In fact, I did follow him on Twitter for the better half of a year. I didn't say whether I like him or not, and perhaps we have certain things in common. My point is a strategy is needed, if he's really intent on taking on Al Qaida or whatever, rather than causing a little disruption.
Chuckling ABit Definitely a good point, I agree and I hope he does have a sufficient strategy.
Leon Jester Kindly refer to The Jester **as** The Jester or his nom d'plume th3j35t3r, not "Jester".

There are those of us who actually **have** the surname Jester who don't appreciate being mis-identified.

Leon Jester
Chuckling ABit o_O hahah what?!

I think it's rather clear from the context who is being referred to, Leon. When I refers to Mr Smith in an article about Paul Smith, I have not had the experience of all of the many Mr Smiths in the world commenting and asking why I mis-identified them.

But I have no problem making changes to accomodate a truly bizarre request, *if* it really is troubling you for some insane reason. I'll try to remember.
Leon Jester Thank you, sir.
Don Jackson ...anyone even consider they're both acting like teenage girls? One, as you say wants to be a "glory hog" and the other already is.
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