ICS-CERT: Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Vulnerability

Thursday, March 29, 2012

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This advisory is a follow-up to ICS-CERT Alert “ICS-ALERT-12-017-01—ROCKWELL AUTOMATION FACTORYTALK RNADIAGRECEIVER” hat was published January 17, 2012, on the ICS-CERT web page.

Independent researcher Luigi Auriemma identified two vulnerabilities that may result in a denial-of-service (DoS) condition in the Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk (FT) application.

These vulnerabilities were reported, along with proof-of-concept code, without coordination with ICS-CERT, the vendor, or other coordinating entity. The two vulnerabilities include an unexpected return value and a read access violation.

ICS-CERT has coordinated these vulnerabilities with Rockwell Automation who developed a patch that resolves these vulnerabilities.


According to Rockwell Automation's Security Taskforce, the following Allen-Bradley products are affected by these vulnerabilities:

  • RSLogix 5000 (versions 17, 18, 19, 20)
  • Factory Talk (CPR9 up to and including CPR9 SR5)
  • − FT Directory
  • − FT Alarms & Events
  • − FT View SE
  • − FT Diagnostics
  • − FT Live Data
  • − FT Server Health


Successful exploitation of this vulnerability may result in a DoS condition. Impact to individual organizations depends on many factors that are unique to each organization. ICS-CERT recommends that organizations evaluate the impact of these vulnerabilities based on their operational environment, architecture, and product implementation.


Rockwell Automation provides industrial automation control and information products worldwide, across a wide range of industries. The FactoryTalk Services Platform is a collection of production and performance management systems.


UNEXPECTED RETURN VALUE: An unexpected return value can be generated by a specially crafted packet which can cause the Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk RNADiagReceiver service listening on Port 4445/TCP to stop processing packets. This vulnerability may lead to a DoS condition. CVE-2012-0221 has been assigned to this vulnerability.

READ ACCESS VIOLATION: A read access violation vulnerability exists in Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk platform. A specially crafted packet can be sent to the RNADiagReceiver service listening on Port 4445/TCP resulting in a possible DoS condition. CVE-2012-0222 has been assigned to this vulnerability.

EXPLOITABILITY: These vulnerabilities are remotely exploitable.

EXISTENCE OF EXPLOIT: Public exploits are known that target these vulnerabilities.

DIFFICULTY: An attacker with a low skill level may be able to exploit these vulnerabilities.


Rockwell has developed a security update to address these vulnerabilities. To download and install the update please refer to Rockwell’s Advisory at

For more information on security with Rockwell Automation products, please refer to Rockwell’s Security Advisory Index at

In addition to applying the above patch, Rockwell Automation recommends customers configure firewalls to block the following TCP ports to prevent traversal of RNA messages into and out of the ICS system:

• 1330
• 1331
• 1332
• 4241
• 4242
• 4445
• 4446
• 6543
• 9111
• 60093
• 49281

The full ICS-CERT advisory can be found here:

Source:  http://www.us-cert.gov/control_systems/pdf/ICSA-12-088-01.pdf

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