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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Nabil Ouchn


The new release of NETpeas COREvidence™ is almost ready to serve . In fact, we spent over 3 months with our Customers to refine it since the Beta announced in August 2011 during the Black Hat USA.

COREvidence, a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, integrates multiple services to create a one-stop network security solution. Customers have immediate access to numerous technology leaders in vulnerability management, compliance achievement and monitoring.

The new version comes with many features and benefits.

This is a “Sneak Preview” of what our customers and future clients will expect in the coming days. A more detailed announcement will be posted to cover this release.

 New UI & User Experience

(click image to enlarge)

We insisted that the user is no longer looking for hours of hidden options. Only 1 cockpit with four main directions (click image to enlarge):

  • Dashboard : Charting & Visualization your Security
  • MultiServices : Analyzing your Assets
  • Reporting: Viewing Results
  • Options: Managing Assets & Adjusting settings.

In each area, we preferred to use “Tab”  it avoids having the submenus.

In 1 click, the user has a Complete Overview about Where he is and what he wants to do.

We also insisted on the adoption of technologies that allow excellent compatibility with all web browsers

No additional plugins will be ever asked to visualize a chart or download a Report.

Data Visualization & Dashboards

Experience has shown that most users prefer to have a Quick, Comprehensive and Clear overview about their Security Status when they use a Vulnerability Management solution.

So we have introduced several concepts to make the adage “A picture is worth a thousands words” a reality. One of these concepts we bring is DashTICS™.

Vulnerability Coverage DashTIC™

(click image to enlarge)

PCI Coverage DashTIC™

(click image to enlarge)

Web Application Scanning Coverage DashTIC™

(click image to enlarge)

DashTICS™ provide graphical way to visualize your scanning session results. A mix of Statistics, Charts and Metrics.

The Global View DashTICS™ gives an overall status of your Assets IT Security. Each DashTICS ™ is composed of the following widgets :

  • At a Glance : Quick overview about the Status (click image to enlarge)

  • Findings Overview : List of latest audited assets and their scoring risk.
  • IT Metrics : A bunch of  KPIs aligned with Open Standards as well as CVE, CWE, CVSS and more (click image to enlarge)

  • Asset Vulnerability Listing: Enumeration of main Vulnerabilities (CVE, CWE) and Risk Exposure (Exploit, CVSS scoring …). Customers can sort vulnerabilities by Risk or Category (click image to enlarge)

  • Asset Vulnerability Trend: Vulnerability Evolution during Scanning Sessions

Multi-Scans & Engines Integration

One of our Greatest Innovation is to Democratize the use of IT Security solutions and make them accessible to all. 

Indeed, The SaaS Security Marketplace has integrated Vulnerability engines from different Vendors.

the Multi-Scanning will refine the correlation and aggregation by leveraging advanced technology to identify and prioritize Customers threats, vulnerabilities and the overall enterprise security strategy.

The Best Scanners have doped the NETpeas “Vulnerability Management, Web Application Scanning and IT Compliance Assessment”  Automated SaaS Marketplace services.

(click image to enlarge)

Analyze Results through “IT Friends Probe” Connectors

We have also taken into consideration the fact you are already using “Vulnerability Management Tools” with your internal Network. No harm !!! We can import and your results through “Import Connectors”.

In fact, you can still use our scoring & engine to aggregate, analyze and parse your XML results. Moreover, in certain cases it will help you to have an in-depth security overview of an asset.

We have integrated Connectors for SCAP / OVAL  / Acunetix / Nessus  / Netsparker / Nikto / Nmap / OpenVAS and more to come such as WebInspect, IBM AppScan, nCircle, HP Fortify … We have tons and tons of awesome connectors to release during 2012.

Importing Results could be a good solution if you dont have the appropriate Budget to use our Vulnerability Management Service powered by real commercial and Open Source engines (QualysGuard, Rapid7 Nexpose, Tenable Nessus ProFeed, Cenzic, Dasient, Saint Corporation, URLvoid, VoIPScanner, WhatWeb, Nikto, Metasploit).

COREvidence Improvements: ScoRisk

To improve the COREvidence Risk Analysis, we have put in place a comprehensive system that provides a progress grade of the assets of an environment. A gradual rating from A to E (with subtle colors from green to red) to determine the level of vulnerability of an asset (resource)

A is a positive our (green) and E a failing grade (red). These ratings are based on certain criteria. And is the concept of ScoRISK.

ScoRISK is a comprehensive quantitative scoring system that provides an evaluation rank to assets. A gradual rating from A to E, with shades of colors from green to red, to determine the asset vulnerability level. 

ScoRISK is the proprietary COREvidence Risk Asset Scoring and based on the following criteria:

Detection Accuracy: The Common vulnerabilities reported by the involved engines. The more this ratio is higher the more the vulnerability is considered as reliable.

Weight: This is based on CVSS v2.0 scoring severity and exploitability. The exception is exploit score equal to 10.

Flagged As: Tagged when the vulnerability is flagged as a part of a top risk list CWE/SANS Top 25

Persistence: It measures the longevity for vulnerability. This means that the issue has been found in a previous scan session.

Find out more about this innovative security solution by visiting NETpeas today!

NETpeas supplies customers with Comprehensive Global Feed information about vulnerabilities & threats (description, patch, risk rating, PoC...) with built-in compliance for Open Security Standards such as CVE, CPE, CWE, OVAL, CVSS v2, CAPECs, OSVDB and more.

NETpeas also provides the toolkit that help companies achieve compliance with a wide range of regulations and international standards (PCI DSS, Solvency II, HIPAA, NERC CIP, FISMA, CAG and more) and the reports are aligned with OWASP guidelines.

NETpeas is sending Infosec Island's Javvad Malik to conduct video interviews and - no doubt interjecting his trademark brand of humor while exploring cutting edge infosec trends and developments - at the Blackhat Europe conference from March 14 to 16 2012 in Amsterdam, Netherlands - join us by registering here.

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