Israeli Hackers Counterhack and Steal Saudi Credit Cards

Tuesday, January 10, 2012



On Saturday a pro-Palestinian hacker, who seemed to be from Saudi Arabia, leaked thousands of Israeli credit cards stolen from websites frequented by Israeli shoppers.

Israeli officials denounced the leak, and compared the theft to terrorism. According to Reuters, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon stated in a speech that the attacks were “a breach of sovereignty comparable to a terrorist operation, and must be treated as such,” and “Israel has active capabilities for striking at those who are trying to harm it, and no agency or hacker will be immune from retaliatory action.

Reports have surfaced that the hacker was actually from Mexico, not Saudi Arabia. And also that Ayalon’s personal website was re-directed after his speech to point to an Islamic website that stated through Google Translate, “We declare war in cyberspace, do not be afraid of these monkeys.”

In a tit for tat type move, news just released a report stating that Pro-Israeli hackers breached Saudi shopping sites and that they have thousands of Saudi credit cards and personal information. “If the leaks continue, we will cause severe damage to the privacy of Saudi citizens,” one of the Israeli’s stated.

But it does not sound like the Israeli group will stop with just the credit card counter hack. “We could not stay silent after the pompous boasting of the Saudi hacker. A few Israeli hackers came together and decided on various responses for each cyber activity that would be carried out against Israel, including responses beyond the cyber world.”

He added that they would counterattack in the cyber realm for any terrorist attack against Israel, “If a terror attack were to take place, we will make every effort to publish the terrorist’s personal details and those of his family.”

In this feud with continuous attacks and retaliations, one has to ask, when does it end?


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