Five Biggest Security Events of 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011




RedmondMag's Chris Paoli has published his picks for the top five security incidents of 2011.

Included in Paoli's account is some analysis on why the events he noted will have a lasting impact on information security for some time to come.

The following are Paoli's picks along with an excerpt of his thoughts - you may also click the linked title to access archived articles on each subject:

Sony's Breach

  • What Happened: "Sony's system that governed its online network for the Playstation 3, PSP handheld and Playstation Web site was breached and reportedly user data (including names, addresses and credit card information) was stolen..."
  • Why It's Important: "Sony went out of its way to keep customers in the dark for the majority of the outage and when it did address the issue, it presented misinformation and blamed everyone but itself..."

Microsoft Battles Spam Botnets

  • What Happened: "Microsoft helped put a stop to the largest operating spam network, which, at its height, had control of over 1 million computers.."
  • Why It's Important: "The takedown of the Rustock ring will send a clear message that the U.S. and Microsoft won't take illegal activity from those overseas lightly..."

Anonyomus/Lulzsec Hacktivism

  • What Happened: "There was a point during the summer where there wasn't a new news story of a new "hacktivism" breach perpetrated by one of these two groups..."
  • Why It's Important: "Unlike a vast majority of those committing illegal activities online, their actions were not governed by money. They had an agenda..."

Mobile Malware Surge

  • What Happened: "Adoption of smartphone and mobile devices like tablets continue to grow in 2011... And as adoption grows, so do security incidents..."
  • Why It's Important: "The rise of mobile security issues will hopefully bring home the point to users that, just like your personal computer, you must be careful at where you go online, what you download and what you share..."

Stuxnet Targets Iran

  • What Happened: "Iranian facilities suspected in enriching weapons-grade uranium were hit by the Stuxnet worm over a 10-month period -- one reported incident caused damage to a main centrifuge..."
  • Why It's Important: "We may be getting a glimpse of how foreign relations and conflicts [will be] carried out -- not on the battlefield, but in cyberspace..."

To see the rest of Paoli's analysis of theses events read his full article at RedmondMag here:


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