Restaurant Depot Customers Alerted of Data Breach

Monday, December 12, 2011




Wholesaler the Restaurant Depot has alerted customers of a data loss event that occurred in early November that may put those affected at risk of credit card fraud.

The breach was detected only after customers of the chain started reporting unauthorized transactions, spurring the Restaurant Depot to contract Trustwave to conduct a network forensics investigation which confirmed the breach.

According to reports, the data from as many as 100,000 accounts was harvested by a Russian criminal hacking group.

"Trustwave found that that the thieves inserted malicious software or 'malware' into the credit and debit card processing systems used in Restaurant Depot stores. The malware collected card information as it was processed, stored it temporarily, and then sent it to a computer server in Russia," a Finextra report indicates.

The Restaurant Depot, which also owns the Jethro Cash and Carry chain, indicated in a letter to customers that the data exposed includes names, credit/debit card numbers, expiration dates and security authorization codes.

Customer who used credit and debit cards between September 21st and November 18th are urged to contact their financial institution to request their card be cancelled and reissued and to review billing statements for any suspicious activity.

The letter also warned customers to be wary of providing any information if solicited via email or a telephone call, as scammers may take this opportunity to conduct phishing expeditions on an effort to get potential victims to voluntarily provide sensitive account information.

The company has also contracted with ID Experts to facilitate the investigation of fraudulent activity and to assist affected customers in recovering any material losses that can be tied to the breach.

Customers who received the notification letter are also being offered the opportunity to enroll in ID Experts' FraudStop basic service for twelves months at no cost. FraudStop provides monitoring and fraud detection.

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