Anonymous Splinters over Planned NYSE Attacks

Tuesday, October 04, 2011



Members of the hacktivist collective Anonymous have vowed to step up their campaign against Wall Street interests with a planned distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against the website next week.

The threat was issued in a video posted on YouTube October 2nd, titled "Operation Invade Wall Street - A Message to the Media".

Prior efforts to disrupt Wall Street operations have been limited to traditional sit-in style protests in front of the Exchange, and a handful of document dumps containing information stolen from leading Wall Street firms.

The Anonymous video is designed to enlist a crowd-sourced "hive" to participate in the DDoS attacks, and is complete with information on how and where to download the group's attack tool known as the Low Orbit Ion Cannon, or LOIC.

"On October 10, Nyse shall be erased from the Internet. On October 10, expect a day that will never, ever be forgotten..." the video proclaims.

While the tough sounding rhetoric may work to inspire some followers of Anonymous to join in the attacks, other members of the collective have issued warnings that the planned DDoS attacks will simply result in more arrests by authorities.

"We do not want history to repeat itself, and are sincerely worried", the message posted on Your Anon News warns:

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In recent months, a number of individuals have been arrested by FBI agents on charges related to their alleged involvement in the DDoS attacks against online payment processor PayPal late last year.

Further arrests and indictments are expected as authorities continue their investigations into other Anonymous, LulzSec and AntiSec attacks, including those perpetrated against Visa, MasterCard, PostFinance Bank, Amazon, Bank of America, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website, and for having breached the systems of security consultants HBGary Federal.

It will be interesting to see if the spate of arrests acts as a deterrent to participation in the planned attacks against Lack of participation will likely mean the attacks will have little to impact on the website's operations.

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