Israeli Cyber Command Plans to Cripple Iran in Cyberspace

Tuesday, August 09, 2011



Britain’s The Sunday Times has recently reported that Israel has setup a military cyber command specifically to attack Iran.

The move comes as senior officers become uncertain of the probability that a kinetic conventional attack could disable Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Israel must turn into a global cyber superpower,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The new unit will report directly to him. According to Foxnews the unit has already been active in attacking Iran:

"The center, which has been set up under the auspices of military intelligence unit 8200 has already conducted a series of 'soft' espionage missions, including hacking into Iran’s version of Facebook and other social networking sites."

Also, according to the article, Israel has two goals for the new cyber command: The first is to take out Iran’s military establishment, and secondly to attack Iran’s civil infrastructure.

Though not known for certain, this could be the same unit that Israel created in May for cyber defense, the National Cybernetic Taskforce, an eighty member team led by a retired General to defend Israeli cyber space.

Or it could also be a new team founded under Israel’s famous Unit 8200 that is focused solely on offensive  operations.

Either way, Israel is determined to be on the leading edge of cyber warfare.

As Netanyahu told reporters in May, “The state of Israel will be a center for dealing with the cyber world.”

Source: Cyber Arms

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