The Kiddies Versus the Adults

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Keith Mendoza


So it appears that LulzSec and Anonymous have gained themselves a few more enemies than just law enforcement.

It's starting to look like Ocean's 11 going after the shoplifters. But what does this mean to infosec in general?

It means that everyone better shape up or ship out. If these juveniles are able to hit high-profile targets, we can only imagine how bad things are.

imageThen again, major retailers beefed up their loss prevention strategies after they were repeatedly hit by juveniles who didn't know that trying to get the job at that retailer would only require them a few hours work to get their wardrobe upgraded to the latest fashion thanks to the discount that they could have taken advantage of.

The true hackers are indeed not happy with what these juvenile delinquents are doing and they're doing something about it.

The question is who will get caught in the cross-fire while the adults work on corralling these kids?

I for one hope that the true hackers will finally come into the mainstream. That the true underground will start opening the potholes and start mentoring those newbies who are willing to put the time and energy to learn and hone their skills.

I don't know, maybe this is the father in me coming out. Maybe I should refrain from writing while I'm rocking my newborn to sleep so I don't show too much sympathy for these delinquents.

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Chris Blask The reason we can't solve all our problems with this whole Electronic Communications Evolution thingy is that we are not finished building it, yet.

If someone marched up and ordered one (1) Internet cut from whole cloth they'd never survive the sticker shock. "Sure buddy, that'll be five trillion bucks and we'll ship to you all finished in sixty seven years."

We forget, sometimes, where we are in that delivery schedule. If the build time was 67 years then the order was probably placed sometime around 1980.

Almost halfway, maybe.

Pondering industrial security all the time again has me talking a lot about the culture gap between infosec folks and industrial engineers. The struggle infosec folks went through in the 90s to cross a similar culture gap between themselves and IT infrastructures people is instructive to addressing industrial security.

Particularly instructive is how far we haven't come with IT.

All of this current brouhaha from the Sony Swarm to Lulz is just evidence that security has not overtaken engineering in the regular IT Internet world. The Lulz kids and all the other issues we face are the gremlins common to a long and complex creative process.

We're maybe about where they bolted seat belts into the big rolling coffins we used to call cars. People still managed to kill themselves in large numbers and transportation reshaped the world.

I don't know that we will solve all these infosec problems before our cars take us safely home by themselves, I just hope our fatality rate is better than the asphalt superhighway.
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