Feds Seize Servers in PayPal DDoS Investigation

Thursday, December 30, 2010



Federal agents have raided and seized servers at Tailor Made Services as part of their into the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against online payment service PayPal.

The attacks were instigated by the loosely organized anti-copyright group Anonymous, who also launched attacks other business and individuals who expressed criticism of the recent release of classified documents by WikiLeaks.

An FBI affidavit obtained by The Smoking Gun identifies members of Anonymous and 4chan as being the primary suspects in the DDoS attack, and the servers seized in the Tailor Made Services raid are likely to contain evidence of the attack and clues to some of the participants.

An article in the Register UK alleges that investigators believe the command and control instructions to perpetrate the DDoS attack against PayPal originated from servers at Tailor Made.

The spate of DDoS attacks against PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and other companies who severed business relations with the WikiLeaks organization began to fizzle in the second week of December after a report surfaced that showed the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) tool used made it possible for authorities to identify participants, and may have led to several arrests.

Anonymous attempted to launch a DDoS attack against Bank of America earlier this week that largely failed. Sources intimate with the details of the attack told Infosec Island that the attack was quite disorganized, and lacked sufficient participation.

The script-kiddie social network site 4chan was intermittently knocked offline in a DDoS attack this week, which may be in retaliation for 4chan member participation in the Anonymous led pro-WikiLeaks attacks.

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