DDoS Wars: 4chan Gets a Taste of Their Own Poison

Wednesday, December 29, 2010



The DDoS wars continue largely unabated as the hacker social network site 4chan was knocked offline for a period of time on Tuesday.

According to the 4CHAN STATUS webpage, the purpose of which is to "be used to communicate with the 4chan userbase should the main site be unreachable," the main 4chan site was offline for a period on Tuesday, and reports from NetCraft indicate that the attacks have continued into Wednesday:

4chan DDoS

The origin of the attacks have not been determined, and no one has stepped forward yet to claim responsibility.

One likely candidate for the attacks is rival hacker social network Tumblr who hit 4chan with a preemptive DDoS attack in mid-November after rumors circulated that 4chan members were planning an attack of their own against the Tumblr site.

It is also possible the attacks are in retaliation for 4chan member participation in the spate of DDoS attacks by the loosely organized pro-WikiLeaks and pro-piracy "non-group" called Anonymous.

Anonymous claimed responsibility for DDoS attacks on Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and others through the month of December, and most recently launched a largely failed attempt to knock the Bank of America site offline.

Sources intimate with the details of the Bank of America attack told Infosec Island that the attack on Bank of America was quite disorganized, and lacked sufficient participation in the "hive" to take the site offline for more than a few minutes:

The hive is not very strong so the total volume is relatively small, not really impacting anything at the moment, it’s more just an annoyance... The attack was largely ineffective because the IRC channel used for the command and control of the LOIC tool was not functioning properly.

Without the organized command and control structure (what is called the “hive-mind”), manual attacks are cumbersome... Monitoring Anonymous communications on IRC channels revealed that there was much disarray and overall the effort appeared to be very disorganized.

DDoS attacks by anonymous began to fizzle in the second week of December after a report surfaced that showed the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) tool used made it possible for authorities to identify participants, and may have led to several arrests.

It appears the anonymous aspect of the DDoS attacks is what boosts the bravado of the otherwise timid script-kiddies that largely populate 4chan and Anonymous.

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Lisa F. 4chan.org is not only full of script kiddies, is is full of PEDOPHILES and Child Pornograpy! I came upon the site innocently, by clicking on a link from another site; a hacker site, whose derogatory remarks for 4chan.org peaked my curiosity. It's a message board, with many topics, yet all discussion rooms have photos of child pornography that just "pop up" and dissapear. I reported it. These are very sick, disturbed and twisted individuals. It's the most bizzare bunch I've ever had the misery to explore-and the "Topics" are meerly a cover for what the true intent of the site is, to house a place where PEDOPHILES can lounge and trade pictures with each other.
I have not been shy in giving this information either, and who knows? Maybe someone else shut it down for this reason? I havent'graduated college yet, (major CIT AS100 series)and dont know programming, (YET). If I did I would have shut em down right then and there!
Lisa F. So hey 4chan, put that in your pipe and smoke it! (or should I say, put it in your script and program it!) Ha Ha
Rod MacPherson Lisa, I can sympathize with you having run into sites that pop up images that you'd wish you had never seen. (usually something rather grotesque) However, having just looked at the 4chan site policies, that is addressed twice in the first 3 rules of the site. Which leads me to believe that it would be hard to prosecute the site owners unless there is evidence that they are taking part. However, if they have lost control to the point that there is such a big problem and they are helpless to take care of it, perhaps it is time for them to shut down the site themselves.

I'm at work, so I didn't wander into the image galleries because even the legal stuff would not be appropriate, so I have not seen what you are talking about... nor am I interested in ever seeing it... if that is the case though, hopefully the proper authorities will be able to take action.
Robb Reck Lisa, you should forward on any details you have to the FBI. They have set up a phone line and website you can contact them through: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/investigate/cyber/innocent/innocent
Lisa F. Rod and Robb-
Thank you so much for your input, it is very helpful. I also appreciate you taking the time to offer advice, and for showing interest in what I had to say.
Robb-I actually did report the site to a few organizations, refered by the FBI site. However-this link you have given is new to me, so I will contact them through the link.
Again, thank you and please forgive me for my "emotionally charged" post, I'm sure you understand why-thanks and God Bless You Both!
Rod MacPherson For folks not in the USA who want a local hot-line for reporting illegal content take a look here:
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