Operation Payback Spokesman Leaves Name in PR Meta Data

Saturday, December 11, 2010



The rogue hacker group known as Anonymous, which has been making headlines for their repeated distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) dubbed Operation Payback, issued a press release to clarify their motives.

The most interesting piece of information in the release, though, was the name of the text's author, which was present in the PDF's meta data.

Is it obfuscation or just an oversight? Only time will tell.



Anonymous, a pro-piracy hacker group, and members of the hacker social network 4chan have been engaging in multiple DDoS attacks against the websites of organizations and individuals they deem to be stifling WikiLeaks efforts to distribute classified materials and raise funds.

The full press release from Anonymous can be found here: http://dump.no/files/467072ba2a42/ANONOPS_The_Press_Release.pdf 

Interviews with The Jester and videos of the XerXeS DoS tool that took down WikiLeaks can be found here.

Source:  http://praetorianprefect.com/archives/2010/12/anonymous-releases-very-unanonymous-press-release/

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Edz C ”Anonymous,” the outlaw team behind Operation Payback, identifies itself with the principles espoused by WikiLeaks. Operation Payback attacked MasterCard and Visa sites Wednesday. Their transgression was to halt processing of donations WikiLeaks had been accepting through those websites. Operation Payback works by amassing hacktivists into a voluntary botnet that renders websites useless by inundating them with information.
Anthony M. Freed Sounds so noble when put so simply. But what you are really saying is that if someone wants to exercise free choice that is not aligned with your particular sensibilities, they should be denied that free choice.

Visa, MC and PayPal chose to cease business relations with WikiLeaks because they did not agree with their actions. If you do not agree with that choice, then stop doing business with Visa, MC and Paypal.

Do not deny others the opportunity to make their own choice in the matter. It just is that simple.

I do not like some of Walmart's business practices, so I do not shop there. But I do not attempt to bar the doors to Walmart to force you to adhere to my decision. I have respect for you, and assume you can make your own decisions and act accordingly.

Be wary, because the same twisted and self-serving logic you are using to support your actions is the same that someone else could use to decide that the internet needs to be controlled to the degree that they will then be in effect barring the door to information and services for everyone else.

Gosh, don't they make you kids read Machiavelli in school anymore?

Some day you may understand that truth is of more importance than any abstract ideal.

Ideals demand enslavement to a constant that exists nowhere but in the mind of the idealist. Truth may be construed differently by different individuals, but it also allows for individuals to act with free will.

Free will is the basis of all freedoms.
Danny Lieberman Hear hear Anthony
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