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What the Snowden Leaks Can Teach Us About Data Security

November 14, 2013 Added by:Cam Roberson

One of the major issues discussed in the wake of the National Security Agency leak involving Edward Snowden was how the government can prevent a similar leak from happening in the future. This article looks at several specific measures that can strengthen data security, making it more difficult for bad actors to break into the system, and tougher for them to make off with sensitive information onc...

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Infographic: How Snowden Breached the NSA

November 13, 2013 Added by:InfosecIsland News

In this infographic, Venafi breaks open how Edward Snowden breached the NSA. Venafi shared this information and challenges the NSA or Edward Snowden to provide more information so that enterprises around the world can secure their systems and valuable data.

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Snowden Effect is Adverse to his Intentions

October 14, 2013 Added by:Jarno Limnéll

Edward Snowden did not restart a cold war nor did he change the reality of international politics. The consequences of his actions will thwart his original intentions.

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PRISM: Tip of the Cyber Intel Iceberg

July 16, 2013 Added by:Don Eijndhoven

Since somewhere as early as 2007 the various US intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies used the law to gain access to information harvested by tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Skype and Youtube.

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Brand Damage Through Information Access

June 20, 2013 Added by:Eric Chiu

In a competitive business environment, reputation is a critical differentiator. Any company that suffers from a major data breach, instigated by an employee with a small grudge and big access, could face devastating consequences to the corporate brand, and to the bottom line.

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