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sKyWIper-Flame Malware Cryptographic Collision Attack

June 07, 2012 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

The sKyWIper malware uses a new cryptographic collision attack in combination with the terminal server licensing service certificates to sign code as if it came from Microsoft. However, code-signing without performing a collision is also possible. This is an avenue for compromise that may be used by additional attackers..

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Flame Virus: A Controlled Burn?

June 02, 2012 Added by:Larry Karisny

What Flame is doing in the Middle East attacks can be done in other countries, even the ones releasing the attack. The technical nature of computer virus propagation could leak the virus to unintended areas, as happened with Stuxnet. Playing with these vulnerabilities is like playing with fire...

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Symantec Flame Analysis: A Sophisticated and Discreet Threat

May 30, 2012 Added by:Headlines

"The modular nature of this malware suggests that a group of developers have created it with the goal of maintaining the project over a long period of time; very likely along with a different set of individuals using the malware. The architecture... allows the authors to change functionality and behavior"...

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