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Killer Computer Viruses

September 15, 2010 Added by:Robert Siciliano

Technology plays a role in many aspects of our lives, and when that technology is corrupted, the results can be disastrous. Consider the extent to which hospitals, banks, water treatment facilities, electrical grids, airports, gas stations, and even roads rely on technology...

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BOMBA Botnet Crimeware

July 14, 2010 Added by:Jorge Mieres

In a recent survey, Francisco Ruiz, Crimeware Researcher of MalwareIntelligence, broke through the security barriers of new rogue crimeware designed to automate running zombies for mass scale cyber crimes that are carried out using a vector attack from committed teams as part of the botnet...

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Google: Scareware is a Big Hit

May 19, 2010 Added by:Simon Heron

Google has analysed 240 million web pages over a 13 month period and discovered that fake anti-virus programs account for 15 per cent of malicious software, according to a report by the BBC.

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Organizations are Not Managing People and Awareness Ongoing…Do you Know Who is?

May 18, 2010 Added by:Katie Weaver-Johnson

A few weeks ago, security vendor McAfee caused widespread concern when it revealed that a problem with its antivirus product caused some Windows XP systems to crash. Cyber criminals.  By utilizing advanced blackhat search engine optimization techniques, criminals were able to ensure that their malicious web pages were returned first in a search for information regarding McAfee.

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It’s Time to Re-evaluate Host-based Security

May 12, 2010 Added by:Andrew Baker

I’ve said it for a few years now, but host-based antivirus is really not working out anymore.  Not with its focus on enumerating bad code and its reliance on signatures to detect malware. Recently, several prominent antivirus vendors have experienced problems with faulty virus definitions

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An Interview with Symantec CEO Enrique Salem

March 29, 2010 Added by:Rahul Neel Mani

Enrique Salem, President and CEO of Symantec, in a conversation with Vinita Gupta, discusses the new challenges that CIOs are facing and Symantec's roadmap for the years ahead.

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O Botnet, Where Art Thou?

December 17, 2009 Added by:Bill Wildprett, CISSP, CISA

Yes, like an Odyssey worthy of Homer or a George Clooney movie, the saga of the Conficker botnet continues.  The Most Excellent folks at Shadowserver have posted an update today.

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Preventative Measures for Drive-by Malware

October 12, 2009 Added by:Ron Lepofsky

This article identifies preventative measures that both end users and web site managers can implement to protect all concerned from the dangers of drive-by malware.

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Anti-Social Networking Sites: Part 2

October 09, 2009 Added by:Ron Lepofsky

Since the last blog there has been a steady stream of news about more security threats originating at web sites, particularly from social networking sites.  Profit motive appears to be the primary intent of the threats.  The methodology is committing identity theft for profit.   Below are a sample of four  web based news articles to which I refer:

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Anti-Social Networking Sites

October 09, 2009 Added by:Ron Lepofsky

Over the last two weeks security news reports identify social networking sites as distribution points for malware of all sorts and flavours and as botnets for distributing more of the same.  In addition, site users seem enthusiastic to reveal personal information to those who would gladly accept the information for purposes of identity theft

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